Personal Project – Miles from nowhere

2016 started with a bang here on the South Coast as we enjoyed a series of huge swells rolling into the channel. One day stood out though as Storm Imogen lit up some of Dorset’s rarest spots.

TGW founder was on location with ambassador James Taylor and filmmaker Brady Gee, on a mission to produce an edit for the Magicseaweed ‘Winter Session’ competition.

Unfortunately, and despite reaching over 20,000 surfers across the world, the pair didn’t make it through to the final 10.

Read on as he recalls one of his favourite sessions of the winter.

“As storm Imogen approached and the forecast became more and more reliable, a fire started burning in my stomach. The solid 20ft swell provided us with a number of potential options, but I knew there was one place I wanted to go.”

“The minute I freed my schedule for the whole of Monday, I went on a mission to be as prepared as possible. Fresh wax on my boards, cleaned up suits hanging on the Dritek hangers and fuel in the tank. All there was left to do was hit the road and head miles from nowhere.”

Gordon Fontaine - Miles From Nowhere

Surfer: Gordon Fontaine / Photo: Rich Tayler
Surfers: Gordon Fontaine & James Taylor / PhotoGary Knights

Filmed and edited: Brady Gee
Song: Cat Stevens – Miles From Nowhere